• Instructors

  • Kara Johnstad
    VOICE EXPERT | VISIONARY - Co-founder of Yoga Voice Berlin
    030 80482205 | info@karajohnstad.com

    Kara is one of a kind Voice Visionary, Singer-Songwriter, Voice Expert, Spiritual Guide, Mentor, and Creator of the VoiceYourEssence™ Artist Development Coaching Program and Voga - Voice Yoga Program.  Kara empowers audiences around the world via concerts, lectures, and one-on-one coaching. She is passionate about helping luminaries, healers, songwriters and independent artists create a powerful voice to connect to their inner stories and bring their truth telling and loving spirit out into this world.

    Kara is available for concerts, voice events, keynote talks, training & workshops.

    As a singer-songwriter Kara Johnstad has written and composed more than 100 songs, and to this date has recorded and produced 6 albums and numerous EPs as an independent producer. As an author she publishes the Voice Your Essence™ articles and podcast series. As a top voice expert Kara has helped thousands with her Voice Your Essence™ training programs.

  • Sita Menon
    FORREST YOGA INSTRUCTOR - Co-founder of Yoga Voice Berlin
    01578 6798942 | sita@yogavoice.berlin

    Sita deeply enjoys imparting her love for yoga. She first came to yoga about 15 years ago while trying to balance the rigors of a career in software and parenthood. When she made a commitment to a daily practice, she began to see the value of yoga practice in her everyday life. In addition to gaining physical strength and health, yoga helped her deal with the stresses of a hectic life and helped her gain a new perspective on the importance of being present and aware for whatever life brings.

  • Ricarda began practicing yoga in 2006, trying several different types of yoga until, in 2013 with Forrest Yoga, she finally found the yoga she had been searching for. She completed the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training in 2016 and is looking forward to sharing her passion for Forrest Yoga with you.

    Ricarda hat 2016 das Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training absolviert. Sie unterrichtet auf Deutsch und Englisch und freut sich darauf ihre Begeisterung für Forrest Yoga mit euch zu teilen.

  • Jayant has been facilitating Osho Active Meditations and Personal Development Workshops since 1985, and has been supporting many people in their process of transformation for more than 30 years.